Letter from Moss Point Mississippi Minister to U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy
September 27, 1962
  1. How does this minister characterize the situation in Mississippi as of September 27, 1962?
  2. Whom does he blame for the "critical nature of this situation?"
  3. What does he say most Mississippians feel about segregation and why do they feel that way?
  4. Based upon his discussions with people in the local barbershop, does the minister believe that white Mississippians can be convinced Meredith has a right to be admitted to the University of Mississippi?

Questions for further discussion:

  1. The minister refers to an "unwritten law" that forbids athletic teams of the state colleges and universities from participating in athletic contests against any team that is integrated. What other "unwritten laws" regarding segregation can you describe?
  2. If you were the Attorney General, how would you respond to this letter?