Bumper Stickers from the Period, Collected by Walter Lord
  1. What does the phrase "The Castro Brothers 'Have Moved into the White House'" mean? What perceptions of the Kennedy administration does this bumper sticker reveal?
  2. What does the term "occupied" mean here?
  3. What effect might the author hope to achieve by calling Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy "'lil' brother'"?
  4. What does the phrase, "The SOUTH will RISE again!" mean? To what historical event does this phrase refer?
  5. What arguments do these bumper stickers share?
  6. Who is the intended audience of these bumper stickers?

Questions for further discussion:

  1. Compare these bumper stickers to other documents in this section. Consider both style and content.
  2. Are bumper stickers an effective form of political speech? Why or why not?