1. In what ways does Meredith believe the federal government should help "the Mississippi Negro in his struggle for a place in society"? What does this suggest about the risks taken by Meredith and fellow Civil Rights activists?
  2. At the end of his letter, Meredith states that the "Department of Justice has not succeeded in making America free for all" because it has been "hampered" by a "lack of clear authority." How does he hope the Department will be empowered to change this situation?
  3. Meredith writes, "Today regardless of all other considerations, I am a graduate of the University of Mississippi. For this I am proud of my Country -- the United States of America." Please respond to this statement.

Questions for further discussion:

  1. Who was Medgar Evers? What was his role in the Civil Rights Movement, and what were the circumstances of his death?