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Record of Action of the Second Meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Security Council

Washington, October 23, 1962, 6 p.m.

1. Intelligence

There was a preliminary report of low level reconnaissance.

2. Proclamation of Interdiction

The Proclamation of Interdiction was reviewed, slightly revised, and approved in the version later signed by the President.

3. Message to Khrushchev

A further message to Khrushchev was agreed in the form later dispatched by the Department of State.

4. The President requested the Secretary of Defense to give a further review to the process of naval action and engagement under the quarantine.

5. The Secretary of Defense was requested to consider and recommend appropriate arrangements for the continuation of General Nor-stad as Supreme NATO Commander during the crisis.

6. Assistant Secretary Pittman reported briefly on civil defense capability and was requested to produce recommendations for a special plan covering the southeastern area of the United States during the period of a possible invasion of Cuba. The President expected to review these plans at a separate meeting on October 24th.

7. Assistant Secretary Nitze was confirmed as Chairman of a subcommittee on Berlin preparations of the Executive Committee. The President invited Mr. Nitze to sit regularly with the Executive Committee in this capacity.

8. Counselor W.W. Rostow was confirmed as Chairman of a second subcommittee on advance planning.

MG. B.